Psygnosis Limited is an international developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for a variety of computer and video game platforms. The company has developed and published more than 100 titles since its founding in 1984, including the award-winning Lemmings series. Acquired by Sony in 1993, Psygnosis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. A worldwide operation, the company's headquarters are based in Liverpool, England. Its North American headquarters are located in Foster City, California. Additional product development and sales and marketing offices are located in England, France, Germany and Australia. The company employs more than 300 people worldwide.


Founded by industry pioneers Jonathan Ellis and Ian Hetherington, Psygnosis has set itself apart in a highly competitive market through its commitment to the development and use of leading-edge technologies and a philosophy of producing games for a broad audience on a variety of platforms. Psygnosis' technical development team includes more than 130 talented software engineers, graphic artists, animators, musicians and writers making it the largest European developer. As one of the first companies to support and develop games for both 16-bit and 32-bit video game technologies, Psygnosis newest 32-bit console game hits include Destruction Derby and WipeOut.

Psygnosis' strong commitment to the PC CD-ROM market is evidenced by the recent introduction of many innovative new computer software titles. The company's proprietary technology has not only been crucial in the creation of these new CD-ROM games but has also played a key role in the speedy introduction of next generation, cross-platform titles such as Destruction Derby (PlayStation game console, PC CD-ROM), for example.

Destruction Derby has received extremely favorable reviews by the PC press for its visual clarity and fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay, features that PC game developers have long sought after and that have only been viable with 32-bit video game systems. Psygnosis has more than 20 new PC CD-ROM titles slated for 1996/1997 introduction.

Psygnosis has always sought to produce computer and video games that appeal to gamers as well as to a broad range of audiences, including families with young children, adolescent girls and adults. Lemmings, one of the company's best-known titles, is a favorite among all genders, age groups and cultural market segments, and has received more than 20 computer industry awards since its release in 1991. Introduced in November 1995, 3D Lemmings, the company's newest addition to the game's family, has already received its first award as "Best Puzzle Game of the Year" (1995) by PC Gamer magazine.

Presently supporting a wide variety of industry platforms including Sony's PlayStation game console, Sega Saturn, IBM and compatibles PCs and Apple Macintosh, Psygnosis has also published games for the Amiga, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Sega CD systems. Psygnosis' broad distribution of its titles in the U.S. includes most mass merchants and computer and software specialty stores.

In 1996/1997 Psygnosis will launch a significant number of A-quality titles for game consoles and on PC CD-ROM.

Psygnosis has consistently been one of the worldwide leaders in the multimedia entertainment industry, largely due to the company's pioneering role and ability to stay on top of industry trends and changes. As the technological boundaries of computer and video games converge and the breadth of the computer and video game audience expands, Psygnosis will continue to lead the industry as a multi-genre developer and publisher of high quality, exciting interactive entertainment.

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