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This is the place to start if you're having problems with one of our titles. This area is divided between hints and technical info. There are instructions on creating boot disks for those programs which require them, as well as HTTP and FTP links to patch files where appropriate.

Technical Support

Problems running the ATI 3D Rage version of Assault Rigs on the Cyrix 6x86?

Not to worry - grab the patch.
After you've downloaded it, copy it to the directory where you installed Assault Rigs. The game should run smoothly after that.

Trying to get our DOS games to work under Windows 95?

Download the appropiate Adobe Acrobat PDF file (you'll need a viewer for them) to guide you through the process.

Assault Rigs

3D Lemmings


Destruction Derby

Technical info is also provided for the following DOS, Amiga, and Mac games:

Assault Rigs (PC)

Armour Geddon (PC)

Combat Air Patrol (Amiga)

Destruction Derby (PC)

Discworld (PC)

Bram Stoker's Dracula (PC)

Ecstatica (PC)

Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard (PC)

Innocent Until Caught (PC)

3D Lemmings (PC)

Lemmings/Oh No! More Lemmings (PC/Mac/Amiga)

Lemmings 2: The Tribes (Amiga/PC)

Lemmings Chronicles (Amiga/PC)

Microcosm (PC/Amiga CD-32)

Novastorm (PC)

WipeOut (PC)

There is also a walk-through for creating a generic PC boot disk here.

Hints & Tricks

This is the section for hints, tips, tricks, and walk-throughs of many of our games.


These documents are spoilers, and could very well ruin your day if you're intending to complete a game without any help. If you really, really, need to look - then go ahead. You've been warned!

3D Lemmings Cheat (PC) -- Shoot those pesky critters!

Destruction Derby Cheat (PC/PSX) -- No DAMAGE!

Innocent Until Caught (Amiga/PC) -- Complete Walkthrough

Ecstatica (PC)